• Arctic Commercial Refrigeration, LLC
  • Servicing Metro Portland Area Businesses for Their Refrigeration Equipment and Maintenance Needs

    • New Restaurant Build-Out
    • Commercial Refrigeration Installations
    • Commercial Refrigeration Repairs and Preventive Maintenance
    • Commercial Refrigeration Pre-Purchase Inspections
    • Glycol System Repair

Our Services

New Restaurant Build-Out

Arctic Commercial Refrigeration LLC will help you determine your commercial refrigeration needs, and will build your custom refrigeration system from the ground up with the most efficient and modern refrigeration products from top manufacturers in the industry. Arctic will help make sure you’re cool and collected on Grand Opening day!

Commercial Refrigeration Installations

From design to completion, all of our commercial refrigeration installation projects receive Arctic’s full expert attention to ensure that your refrigeration systems meet all your needs, and remain efficient, reliable and worry-free.

Commercial Refrigeration Repairs and Preventive Maintenance

Arctic will diagnose and fix any problem you may encounter with your commercial refrigeration products, and will inspect systems and perform routine maintenance to keep your equipment operating efficiently.

Our maintenance programs keep your equipment running at peak efficiency by adjusting all controls to factory recommended settings and testing the performance of the entire system using state of the art tools and testing equipment.

Commercial Refrigeration Pre-Purchase Inspections

Get advice from the experts at Arctic with an on-site quality inspection before you buy or install new or used commercial refrigeration.

Glycol System Repair

Arctic has the experience and expertise to repair glycol systems.

Trust Us for All of Your Commercial Refrigeration Needs

  • Commercial refrigeration sales, installation, preventive maintenance and repair
  • Design and construction of right-sized commercial refrigeration applications: large-scale or compact
  • Refrigerated warehouse design and installation
  • Walk-in freezer and cooler sales, installation and service
  • Ice machine sales and service
  • Installation of certified energy-saving commercial refrigeration products
  • Commercial refrigeration services for grocery and convenience stores, restaurants, bakeries, hotels, theaters, warehouses, medical facilities, government buildings, schools and more
  • Emergency commercial refrigeration repair service
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